MY NEW COMPUTER WORKS!!!!!! I got the second DIMM I had ordered in the mail today, and installed it in my machine…. This proves that the fault lies with the other DIMM and not the motherboard… I am getting the RMAed Mobo (even though I don’t apparently need it) and DIMM on monday, so I will soon have all the components I ordered working!

Let the configuration begin! (Note: Be doesn’t ever require “configuration”, it just works…. Which is why I am able to write this message. :P)

Update: Hey Sean, Next time set the date on your new computer before posting to your journal… :)

7 thoughts on “YES!!!!!!!!!

    1. I didn’t ever disagree with you. :)

      OMG… This computer screams… I have to get a faster cd-rom drive… The drive I have can’t keep up with my mp3 encoding rate anymore. :)

    1. Not at all right now, I am trying to do this upgrade incrementally. The real challenge was finding a dual proc motherboard that supported DDR memory and a reasonable number of other features.

      This machine is definately a departure from my last machine; It is a Dual P3 1000Mhz, (will have) 512M of DDR Memory, but I decided to scrap SCSI (since the price/performance simply doesn’t compute anymore), but this means that I only have a 10G drive in this new machine (since I can’t use my 18G 10k RPM Ultra2 that I had on my old mobo). I am going to get a case for my old machine and use it as a file server, but until then that disk space is kinda just hanging out.

      I am going to get a firewire PCI card at some point, but until I have regular access to a camera, it really isn’t necessary. The PCI cards are available for 40-50 bucks, so it won’t be that big of a deal when I need to get one. I haven’t really had any bad experiences with the 1394 cards in the past, so I don’t think there is any “onboard advantage”. Plus I have like 5 empty PCI slots onboard.. :)

      One nice thing about this new mobo is that USB actually works properly on it. My old motherboard, when I got my Visor, I began to learn how fucked the USB… The USB cradle didn’t work, and it turns out, any USB device more complicated than say, a mouse, didn’t work/barely worked..

      1. I had/have the same problem with my PC- the onboard USB chipset (Allisys?) that was supposedly USB compliant was anything but. I could even use USB mice- the only thing that ever worked in it was my Zip drive.

        Does anyone know anything about internal firewire? I think that’d be sexy.

        1. Does anyone know anything about internal firewire? I think that’d be sexy.

          I presume you are talking about integrated firewire on the board (since any PCI card will give you “internal” firewire). Well, there are a few boards with it integrated, like the Procomp BVD2A-F, but these boards are definately the exception. The real problem is that while DV is steadily gaining ground in the home arena, it still isn’t widely adopted.. So you generally only see 1394 on professional workstation motherboards (which are generally pretty expensive as well).

          As 1394 cameras and other devices come down in price and become more popular, expect to see integrated 1394 on the motherboards… Until their customers look for it, motherboard vendors will happily refuse to pay apple’s $1 per 1394 port royalty…

          1. Actually- I was talking about internal firewire connectors for internal firewire connections. I know that 1st and 2nd edition G4’s had some form of firewire connector available for internal devices, as does the OrangeLink 1394+SCSI Adapter.

            The only Firewire storage I know of is done through 1394-ATA bridges. Of course- this only matters if there is performance to be gained from avoiding the conversion to ATA versus the cost of implementing firewire directly to the drive- which I admit I’m not sure about.

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