I would say “Only me…”

….but I know that everyone has these problems sooner or later…

All my computer gear came today, I put it all together, and nothing works…. Well, I can’t say that, more like “I can’t tell what’s broken”. When I power it up, it just beeps at me before it gets to its BIOS. Now, normally these beeps can provide you with some debug information (by the number and duration of beeps), but I get a different pattern of beeps each time I boot the machine (sometimes they are the same across boots, but not usually)… I tried the “remove as much hw as possible” approach, same deal. I even tried booting uniprocessor (one processor in the machine; tried with both processors), and no dice…

I suspect the motherboard (mostly because I doubt both processors are bad), so I am going to call the vendor tomorrow and see if they can crossship me a new one… It could be the ram as well, but luckily I ordered the mobo and ram from the same place. :) And here I was thinking I would be able to compile code and encode MP3’s wicked fast tonight..

2 thoughts on “I would say “Only me…”

    1. Yeah, I am starting to suspect the ram… And really, getting the ram RMA’ed would clearly be the path of least resistance, since I have no way to verify that either are the culprit (It is a DDR board, and no one else I know had DDR RAM, so I can’t eliminate the ram from teh equation.. And it is a P3 Socket 370 board, and no one else I know has 370 procs (or even proc).

      So I have to kinda fly blind. I am actually getting another 256M of ram I ordered from a different vendor in a few days, so if it was the ram, it wouldn’t be so bad to have to wait for this set to go through RMA… If it is the motherboard, it will plainly just suck to ship, since it is so large, and I am sure I am going to have to pay to ship it back to them.

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