I called Micro Pro to ask for an RMA for either my motherboard or ram, expecting to get the “have you tried this” runaround for an hour or so, but they ended up being way-cool about it. They asked if I had tried a few things, and I quickly explained to them what I had tried, and the guy was pretty satisfied with what I had tried… He gave me one more thing to try, but also gave me an RMA number just in case that one thing doesn’t work so I don’t have to call tech support again if it doesn’t work.

They do cross-shipment, which is cool, so when I get home I will try his suggestion and when it doesn’t work (which I don’t think it will), I will call sales and get them to ship me the replacements. While it kinda sucks that this shit just didn’t work OOTB, it is nice having tech support treat you like an intelligent human. :)

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