Suzie Homewrecker

I made strawberry preserves yesterday…. For the fairly minimal amount of effort required to make some jam that blows away anything you can get in a store, I don’t think I am going to bother with storebought jelly any longer. In actuality, I made 3 jars of Preserve, and 3 jars of Jam. I could have preserved all 6 jars, but jam has a fridge-life of 4-6 weeks, and I knew that those 3 jars of jam wouldn’t survive that long… I gave one of the Jam jars to Adam and Rory, who assisted me in my jammaking pursuits. I think I am going to attack orange marmalade and mint jam next.

I have actually wrangled my sleep schedule back to normal this weekend, not staying up much past 1 either night. My goal is to get into bed by 12:30 tonight, which is what I consider reasonable for getting up at 8am to make it to work by 10.

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