Brass Monkey

that funky monkey.

Now, for a recap of the past few days: When we last left our intrepid traveller, he had woken up after a wild night of driving around New Jersey looking for a good slice of cheesecake at an obscure hour…..

Sunday I was scheduled to hang out much of the day with Amy, but I had some stuff to take care of in the morning. I met up with Chuck to snag a free Back-UPS 600 from his boss, but when I got it home it turned out to have a dead battery (and wasn’t really worth replacing with the Conext action available dead cheap these days). I met up with Amy at her house and she told me that she had an invite to attend Wigstock 2001 for free and also attend the after party… Never to be a downer, I told her to go ahead and ditch me… We hung out for awhile, I helped her pick out her outfit, and we went to the mall before I dropped her off at the train station… I had an invite to the affair as well, but I didn’t want ditch my parents all weekend…

So I headed back to the house (the long way, taking advantage of my dad’s car) and met up with the folks for dinner…. I informed my mother that she didn’t need to cook as much food since Amy wasn’t going to be there, and we had burgers and dogs for dinner… Later that night Chuck came over and we watched 15 Minutes which was a good rental… :) We talked until the wee hours of night and he decided to pay me a visit up here in Boston in October, which I will of course be looking forward to…

Monday my parents and I visited my Grandparents before heading to the airport. It was good to see them, since it has been awhile.. The airport wasn’t that bad (surprisingly) and my flight left more or less on time. We actually arrived almost 30 minutes early, and I was halfway home on the train when the flight was supposed to end. So I can’t complain about this trip in the travel section of things.

All-in-all it was a fun trip, even if it left me a bit sleep deprived… :) It was good seeing the family and friends again, but as always, I wish I had more time (or that my friend group from NJ would transplant itself to my immediate area. :P).

Returning to work today wasn’t that bad, and the XUL stuff at work is fun (if not always easy)… I have next monday off as well so I don’t have to rush home from Welcome Back at CSH…. I am probably going to be giving a Drink seminar on Saturday if any of the people around want to hear me drone on… :)

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