Dinner and Meandering

I went out to dinner with the whole family last night, which was nice (since the past few years it has been uncommon that we are in the same place). We went to Friday’s, and the food wasn’t bad and we didn’t have to wait for some reason (even though it seemed pretty busy).

When we got back to the house, James had knocked on the door, and was just turning around to leave when we pulled in the driveway. He said that he needed to pick up a friend from the Hospital, and he wanted to know if I wanted to go with him. So I jumped in his van and we headed to Morristown…. It turns out that James has received a call many hours earlier that went to his machine, and his friend had already found a way home… So it was a silly trip, but I guess he didn’t want to potentially leave a friend stranded (I would have called the hospital first, however. :P).

On our way back from the hospital I gave Amy a call, and we all agreed to head out to Montclair to go to a coffee shop out there. It is a little far away, but I can tolerate it, which I can’t do for most coffee shops. :) Everyone likes it there, so we all headed out after meeting up with Amy (who was coming from New Brunswick).

We drive all the way out there to find that the place was closed Labor Day weekend… We agree to go to another place in Mendham, and we get there just after it was closing… We drive back to the diner in which we first met, and that had closed as well (which means it isn’t a real diner).

We finally found a place to sit down for dessert and drinks (Victoria’s Diner), but it was like 2am already… It was cool driving around with those two, though (esp. since I didn’t have to drive).

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