My Ass is on Fire

Thank you for your interest in Verizon Online DSL. Unfortunately, upon further evaluation of your phone line, we have determined that DSL is not available at your premises at this time. If you wish to speak to a Verizon Online customer
service representative, you may call us at 1-877-375-2904. In order to be automatically contacted when Verizon Online DSL service becomes available on your line, you may enter your contact information at

AND THE CREAMY TOPPING?!?!?! – The god-damned phone number doesn’t work?!?!?!

5 thoughts on “My Ass is on Fire

  1. get this

    i use verizon for my phone, i had a rather large bill one month and they screwed up and billed me for it twice! since it was auto withdrawl it just sent my account hurling into the red abyss. sadly it was through key bank, who make their money off of overdrawn fees, which ended up to be $250. verizon would return what they took, but not the additional fees. so i ate it.

    my oppinions of verizon are not high. besides, they still have yet to successfully merge all the bell stuff they aquired.

    1. Re: get this

      Oh, you can not imagine how low my opinion is of Verizon… :)

      I specifically did not signup for autowidthdrawal due to horror stories such as yours… It sucks that you had to eat those fees… Too bad you can’t take them to small claims..

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