Don’t Use Joker.Com is the worst registrar… Every time I need to do something to my domain, or some customer service type thing (pay my bill, for instance) they fuck it up somehow… This time, I successfully changed my primary/secondary name servers in their db a few days ago, and I was wondering why it hadn’t propagated yet… I did a whois today and the pri/sec ns’s reverted back to granitecanyon…

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  1. EasyDNS

    I’m in the middle of switching my stuff over to EasyDNS. Their service is excellent, and their prices are pretty reasonable. I talked to Colin (the main PHP / graphics design guy there) at the O’Reilly Convention, and he told me they’re doing well and will definately be around for a while. They also handle registrar stuff (via Tucows), web-based DNS management, backup mail forwarding, and just about anything else you could ask for.

    Trust me, if they weren’t going to handle everything I would ever need, I’d just be doing it myself. =)

      1. Re: EasyDNS

        Huh, that information doesn’t seem to be readily apparent.

        It cost be $35 to for the registrar transfer plus one year of “DNS Only” service, so the transfer is about a $15 one-time fee.

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