The past 72 hours, in a nutshell

  • Hanging out in the apartment just relaxing Friday night, watching the DVD of Nova’s documentary “Mind of a Serial Killer“. I rented it on a lark, and 3 of the first 5 words of the show were “Rochester, NY”. It focused on Arthur Shawcross, who killed many prostitutes in Rochester in the early 90s.
  • Did laundry Saturday morning, and finally got fully caught up in that respect.
  • Jared arrived Saturday afternoon and we headed out to Harvard Square and hung out there for awhile. We ate lunch at the glorious Mr. Bartley’s.
  • Hung out at Molly, Matt, and Rene’s place on Saturday night and watched Pecker and realized that Pecker’s sister Tina was a Goonie.
  • Talked with Jared until the big room started turning blue, which was an indicator that it was time to sleep. :)
  • Went to the mall with Jared on Sunday and finally convinced myself to purchase a TiVo.
  • Connected the TiVo and set it on its way (it takes a few hours to initially setup). While it was doing its thing Jared and I were too lazy to go and do anything, so we just sat around and talked… He left around 9:30pm
  • Talked to chris for a few hours, and afterwards hit the hay.
  • Woke up this morning, got myself a gun…. er, took a shower. I bumped into my desk lamp (one of those halogen on a big arm jobbies) and the little plug that goes into the base broke off, so I guess I need to buy another lamp

And now I am here at work waiting for our staff meeting. I haven’t gotten to play with my TiVo much yet, but I am already pretty familiar with it. One oddity was that it was shipped with v1.3 of the TiVo software. That didn’t surprise me much, but I figured that it would upgrade itself on it’s initial setup dial in. It didn’t, so I figured that I would just stick with 1.3 until the next nightly dial in grabbed v2.0. Using v1.3, I realized how shitty that version of the software really was… The menus were laggy, the sound effects were crackly when the menus lagged…. I would have been really disappointed if I had to stick with that software. It annoyed me so much I forced a dial in, and then restarted it so it would use the new software. Everything seems cool now, but since it was in upgrade mode it prevented me from playing much. Another nuisance with it not upgrading itself on the initial dial in is that it grabbed and built the program database during its initial call, but they must have changed the DB format for the new version of the software, so after the upgrade it took a ton of time to import the data… Bastards. :)

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