More TiVo thoughts…

I think it would be a good option if you could specify (within the TiVo) to call a 1-900 number to bill the $9.95 a month service charge for their directory services to your phone bill, as opposed to doing it on their web page or by telephone… You only have to go to their webpage/call them once, but it seems that you could do it all within the interface of the TiVo as opposed to making the user use another device to make the TiVo work right.

That is all….

4 thoughts on “More TiVo thoughts…

      1. Yes, I’m aware. But it’d be nice if the functionality of the box could be tied to it…..

        like registration, downloading program guide, etc….

        1. Well, you can’t do registration on the tivo with the modem, so it definately won’t work with the tivonet hack, but it WILL download program guides over the ethernet if you install the tivonet hack.

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