Back in Jersey

I finished my overnight trip to Boston to move some stuff into my new apartment! On second look at the apartment, it is definately nice, but I was wrong about the “recently redone floors” (they were recently coated, but not sanded). That’s ok thought, because they still aren’t bad. Adam really liked my apartment, and it is only about a 5-10 minute walk from his place, which is way cool too. I am within a 3 minute walk of Cleveland Circle, and therefore lots of other stuff as well. :) Should be a really fun place to live.

Sprint PCS was good about helping me change my service/phone # to a Boston area, but my voicemail is still screwed… I have been trying to work with them for a few days, but no luck…. I assume they will finally straighten it out in a few days (otherwise we will have words.. :P).

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