Unexpected Surprise

I got my diploma in the mail today! And my final transcripts say that my GPA was a couple of degrees higher than I expected, which is cool as well. :)

I did quite a bit of running around trying to get the Cashier’s Check written for the balance due on my apartment. My grandma loaned me the money, but the check was made out to my father, instead of me. To compensate for this, my parents wrote out a check to me drawn on their account for the same amount. So yesterday, I went and deposited the check in their account, they told me it would take a day for my grandma’s check to clear…. So I had to wait until today.

Today, I went back to said back to cash my parents check, and I asked if I could get a cashier’s check from their bank even though my account wasn’t there. No dice, so I had to cash the check (which involved me sticking a thumb print on the check, which I had never seen before), and I then had to take that money to my bank to get the cashier’s check (nothing is cooler than walking around with a few big boxes of ziti on your person, even if it was only for a limited time. :P). When I get to my bank, they tell me that I first need to deposit the money into my account, and then write out a check to them, so they could write out a check to me (As opposed to giving them the cash, them giving me a check). Not only that, but Fleet charged me $6 for a cashier’s check in Boston, but the local Fleet branch charged me $15….

But ultimately, that is all taken care of now, which is a good thing. :)

One thought on “Unexpected Surprise

  1. dude, tell me about it!

    when i was closing out my account at fleet last year before i moved to california, they charged me $15 for the cashier’s check too. how geigh. this was the branch in west milford.

    i also closed out my savings account that i had with them. and i was so excited b/c i never would have to deal with fleet again… but then, a horrible thing happened.

    about 6 months after i moved here, i got a letter from fleet basically asking me why i did not notify them of my address change! which i don’t understand, b/c i closed all of my accounts.

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