Wow… It’s now official…

I officially accepted the offer from Rovia today, sending back the letter signed and all. So I guess I am now committed to living with Massholes. :) I will make sure to watch alot of The Sopranos, however, so I don’t begin to develop some annoying accent. And also, never fear, a water fountain will never be a bubbler.

The letter said that my start date was May 1st, which I can stick to, but I will be busy these next few weeks finding an apartment and moving into it. I might live in Brighton near Adam and Rory, or perhaps somewhere else, but wherever it is, it will be near mass transit, since I don’t plan on having another car for awhile.

I am going to break Boston in right, though, by seeing a concert less than a week after I start work. :) I am going to go see Autechre at the Middle East, which I guess is actually in Cambridge, but whatever. I have been wanting to see these guys for a long time, so it will be cool to finally do so (and to see another concert, which is something I haven’t done since I saw Moby in Rochester). The concert is on May 7th, which is a Monday (odd, no?), and for those of you not in Boston, the 2 prior days they will be playing in New Jersey and NYC.

9 thoughts on “Wow… It’s now official…

  1. yay for you! i hope you don’t get bored of boston too quickly…i always hated how everything closes way too early. but it is a nice place none the less. and have fun at the aw-tek-er show!

  2. neat!

    congrats again…

    just do your best not to become a masshole… make sure the world knows that you’re from the epicenter of the universe!! =)

  3. Jumping on the bandwagon

    Everyone else is doing it, so congrats! But don’t listen to all this Masshole bashing. We’re really not that bad. Just remember, it’s “Wuss-ter”, not “Wor-ches-ter”, “Less-ter”, not “Lie-chest-er”, and if it ends with “ham”, don’t pronounce the ‘h’.

  4. The Middle East

    Hey, wow… the Middle East. I should have kept a list of all the bands and artists I saw at the Middle East in the five years I lived in Boston. Still have really fond memories of the place, although I always hated going to popular shows there because the acoustics suck anywhere past the first third of the room (the downstairs room anyway).

    Well, say hey to the east for me… Would love to come visit you in Boston sometime.

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