Ok, I have been terse, vague, and gappy for the past month, so I am going to try and make up for my insolence. :)

You know, many people think that doing nothing but having fun for a month and change sounds like quite a bit of fun. Well let me tell you something, they are right! This time off has really helped me work out a lot of the confusion in my life, and my relaxation levels are back to where they were before pre-school. It doesn’t bother me that it is all going to draw to a close soon either. Instead, I am truly looking forward to being an adult for a change (although I will only act like one 40 hours a week max). I am glad I didn’t set any truly noble goals for this time off, because I really have simply enjoyed the relaxation.

While at RIT, I would often contemplate whether or not my time there was worth it. Would the frustration, heartbreak, hard work, shitty weather, and close quarters ever pay off? I am sure that some of the people reading this think the same on occasion. To you I say that the answer for me was a resounding “yes”, I learned more in the past 4 years than I had to date, and most of my education was in subjects outside of Computer Science. We all learn at some point that some people can’t be trusted, but there is nothing you can do about that. Try as hard as you may, you will never be able to catch all the assholes out there (and more than likely you will get caught off guard anyway). I learned that shielding your feelings from the world will not keep the assholes away. I learned that there is no need to be so secretive, so closed to the world and, more importantly, there are some people you should open yourself to. I once thought that erecting a partition between myself and the rest of the world was the solution, but it just had the disappointing side effect of closing me away from new friends.

I have been offered a job which I am currently considering. It is a good offer, and I would get to be a city dweller for awhile. The company seems like fun, and I would get to work with a few people from CSH. I need to make a decision this week, so it is time to go for some long walks. :) If I did take the job I would probably live sans-auto for awhile, relying on the Boston public transit systems. They aren’t as good as NYC, but they aren’t the worst I have seen either. Rent is a bit steep there, but my other options weren’t much better. The weather won’t be as nice as other places, but so it goes.. The apartment search is something that I am definately not looking forward to whatsoever. I don’t want to live in a shithole, but I also don’t want to be raped in rent each month. I am aiming for a 1 bedroom with an office/den kinda thing (for my computer equipment), but I am flexible. Boston is also only 4 hours from home and 6 hours from Rochester, so it is a decent location in that respect.

If I do take this position, I might go out to the ArsTechnica Boston Party at the end of the month. It would be at Jillians, which is like one block away from my potential employer. Sure it will be geeky as hell, and has a high lame potential, but it might be a ton of fun. Plus, I have never been to a Jillians.

I think that is all for now, I think I am going to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather. Oh my god, I just looked at the thermometer and it told me it is 82 degrees outside! Later!

4 thoughts on “Payback

    1. Re: Amusing..

      everyone tells me you shaped up in the last few years, but i swear you could have a written the masshole howto docs back then. time does us all some good i suppose. no harm intented, take care.

  1. how i make tough decisions

    i cut it down to two options, and flip a coin. and whatever it lands on i don’t pay attention to as much as my gut reaction. was that a grimace or grin?

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