Snow rocks when you don’t have to go anywhere..

I wouldn’t say we are trapped in the house, but the snow (which is currently about 16.5″ deep) is definately good encouragement to stay inside… Luckily Santa Claus left me lots of movies and toys to play with… :P

I ventured out into the wild before to deploy our Snow Cat/Mow Cat, which is a graduated board (in the shape of a cat), which tells you how deep the snow is… Being that the forecast is saying that parts of Sussex County could see up to 30″, it might come in handy!

Another thing that came in handy was my new jacket. It is a Columbia, and replaces my older Columbia, which was getting toward retirement… I got the Ice Dragon Parka, which is crazy-complicated, and has lots of goodies to keep snow out of my arms, chest, and crotch. It is super warm, and has a super-comfy fleece liner…. And it is completely waterproof… :P

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