Flurry Event

I saw the shortest little snowstorm at the end of my walk to work this morning, about 30 seconds of the lightest flurries I have ever seen then nothing…  It was like a teaser trailer.

We caught Blade Runner: The Final Cut last night with the film club..  It was refreshing to see a director treat the revisiting of an earlier, classic film with the respect they should.  Great crowd last night, afterwards we ended up at Fugakuyu, which was a bit pricey for the film club…

Fun With Snow and Parking

The 5-6 inch storm that hit Boston was a 12-14 inch storm in Chelmsford where I work. It was snowing when I woke up yesterday, and although it was enough to disrupt traffic, it wasn’t enough to keep me from trying to get into work. It took 1:45 to complete my 27 mile commute, most of that was getting through Brighton and Cambridge and to the highway. Looking out the window all day at work I knew the commute home was going to be a nightmare, and I was right.

I sat on Route 3 for about 45 minutes without moving at all… For some reason the plows intermittently plowed the right hand lane, which caused all kinds of traffic as people merged. This, combined with the usual traffic of people getting on 95 north (I go south) meant a nightmare commute. It ended up taking me about 2 hours to get to Alewife. I decided to park my car at Alewife over the weekend so I didn’t have to worry about the parking situation on the street here. It’s only 5 bucks a night, and since it is supposed to be above freezing the next few days I figured it was a small price to pay to wait out the snow. If the situation seems less grim here tomorrow I will probably go get it and bring it back. I took the Red Line to Harvard and then took the 86 bus to Brighton Center. My commute home ended up being 3 hours when I walked in the door to our apartment.

In a stunning bit of serendipity, I had decided to make a stew in the crock pot, which was a pretty comforting meal after such a cold day. I had put it in the pot before I left for work in the morning, so it was pretty much all ready to go when we got home… We just kinda chilled last night, both of us had pretty bad days..

Throw down your weapons and I will see that you are well-treated

Finally, the snowfall has begun in earnest. I went to bed with about 4″ on the ground, and as of right now, there is 6″ of snow. This big blizzard they were calling for has really turned into a bust, eh? Wunderground tells me that we are only going to get another 2-5″ today…

I just tossed some laundry in the washing machine. I was a real klutz on sunday (as opposed to my normal klutziness) and got no less than 3 different stains on my Onion t-shirt. I slapped on some of that pre-treatment stuff and hopefully it will make it all better. Of course, I am definately not a laundry samurai, so I am not holding my breath. :)

Snow rocks when you don’t have to go anywhere..

I wouldn’t say we are trapped in the house, but the snow (which is currently about 16.5″ deep) is definately good encouragement to stay inside… Luckily Santa Claus left me lots of movies and toys to play with… :P

I ventured out into the wild before to deploy our Snow Cat/Mow Cat, which is a graduated board (in the shape of a cat), which tells you how deep the snow is… Being that the forecast is saying that parts of Sussex County could see up to 30″, it might come in handy!

Another thing that came in handy was my new jacket. It is a Columbia, and replaces my older Columbia, which was getting toward retirement… I got the Ice Dragon Parka, which is crazy-complicated, and has lots of goodies to keep snow out of my arms, chest, and crotch. It is super warm, and has a super-comfy fleece liner…. And it is completely waterproof… :P