Inching towards Christmas….

Ok, with the CSH Holiday Party (and Secret Santa) this evening, I am starting to feel the slightest twinges of Christmas Spirit. It probably won’t be full-force until I leave on Thursday, but I am feeling good.

This weekend was good… I went over to Trouble, Ben, and Chris’ apartment Friday to celebrate Trouble’s birthday. Contrary to My Roommate’s earlier post, I did not spend the night (but I arrived back here about an hour after his post). Saturday I hung out here most of the day, but ended up going to The Distillery to celebrate Ethan’s 21st birthday. Ironically, he decided he didn’t want to drink anything, which is A-OK in my book. I, however, took advantage of their 2-for-1 Margarita special… :)

I am just about to go out to procure my gift for Secret Santa, which I will describe in more detail after it has been deployed. :P I am kinda shaky on this one, because I am not super-good friends with the person who I was assigned…. We will see how it goes… :P

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