I stayed in the Mountain View Inn Best Western last night, which was crazy-nice. It had better be for $185 a night!!!!! Holy crap that is one expensive hotel. :)

Well, so my interview at “unnamed company” went rather well. As with the phone interview, there were a number of questions I had difficulty with, but this time around, the number I could answer was much greater. :P

I had to sign an NDA, which is (on one hand) cool, since I got to hear about some really cool things that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise, but OTOH, it is scary how much I am owned by various companies. :)

I took Caltrain back from the interview to Chris’ apartment, and I am currently awaiting her arrival from work. :) It was about a 40 minute train ride from “unnamed company” to here, and it was a 15 minute walk from the station to the apartment which is cool. While the public transportation here isn’t QUITE up to NYC standards, it is damn-fine.

In other out-of-order news, I met up with Kate yesterday for some pizza in downtown San Jose. It was great to see her, and to also see San Jose in the light (last time Chris and I went there, it was quite dark). It was great seeing Kate again, and if I do end up out here, we will probably hang out frequently.

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