Ok, this is kinda weird. Chris had to go into work early today, so I am just here chilling in her apartment. I figured I can use this time to brush up on various topics for my interview tomorrow. I also might get together with Kate today if time permits.

Anyway, so Chris left for work today, and I was here, and I kinda realized that she has already made the transition into the “Real World”, and that I am just a few weeks from doing that myself. Wow… This is kinda freaky.

She made din-din for me last night, and it all came out great! I also had to take her car to the store to fetch some gravy (since we forgot it), and it was a pretty fun car to drive. First time I had ever driven a Saturn, so..

Other than that, it should be a pretty laid-back day… I have a cut in my mouth, which is pretty bad, I must have bit down hard during a dream or something. Whatever caused it, it sucks alot. :(

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