When you say object, what do you really mean?

Greetings from cisco. I am visiting Chris after our meeting at NASA today, and we are going to grab some chow in a little bit (once we stop hacking on her kernel).

We visited the Kuiper Airborne Observatory today, which is the plane that SOFIA is replacing. The plane is decommissioned, but they rolled it out for us to see today (which probably cost $10,000). While we were in the hangar, we got to see the 747 that carries the Space Shuttle around. That plane was getting new landing gear.

As I said, my updates are sporadic lately, I am returning to Rochester on Sunday, but 3 hours later I am flying home to New Jersey for a week. Should be some good decompression time, because this week has definately hosted some frustration for all parties involved.

It’s going to be a long night….

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