NTOSKRNL.EXE can eat me.

My machine BSOD’ed twice today, and it has something to do with my IDE drive…. I will have to figure it out after I get back from California….

I finally finished up my presentation, and I am currently tying up a few loose ends before my trip tomorrow. My presentation ended up not being as bad as I imagined, but I have to brush up on some other technologies that I might be quizzed on when I give it. Luckily I don’t have to go to bat until Tuesday.

I am all moved out, as some of you guys know… It is good in a way, because moving sucks, but now I am kinda a vagrant right now…. My PC is set up here at work so I could finish up my presentation (and so it had a place to live).

It now looks like I might be travelling back to NJ after I get back to Rochacha. It will be good to get home, I haven’t been back since the very beginning of summer.

So that’s it for now… I will try to update when I can on my trip…

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