See, the Black Rectangle is Removed…..

Scooter’s barbecue rocked, and I feel comfortable saying it was the best barbecue food I have ever eaten. I got to see many faces I hadn’t seen in awhile, and meet many older house members… ‘Twas fun

After sleeping that food off, I headed out to Chez Wronkowski for the rest of the weekend. Matt, Stacey, and their family were hosting me, Garrett, Conlon, and my roommate Jon Parise. After some initial car trouble, I had an awesome time. Once I got there we jumped in their boat for a trip on the Great Sacandaga lake. This lake was huge. Stacey made some damn-fine cookies. It was Matt’s birthday, so we all got to give him a hard time, but we stopped short of telling the waiter at dinner… :)

This morning, we woke up, and we were served breakfast by the lovely Stacey. :) Best Golden Grahams I had ever eaten (in her defense, she made Liquid Chickens, which I don’t eat. Therefore I can’t judge her breakfast cooking). Then we jumped on the Jet Skis for awhile, man those things move…. Serious fun. :)

Mucho thanks to Matt and Stacey, and especially their family…. It was great to see everyone!

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