Never say you are going to ride in the back of a U-Haul

Ok… So a kind soul decided that they wanted to part with a ‘Double Dragon’ arcade standup, and decided to sell it dirt-cheap to CSH ($100). Adam coordinated this purchase, and rented a U-Haul with James yesterday to bring it home in. The short version of the story is that after we brought the machine to CSH late last night, the freakin’ U-Haul broke down… So today was spent trying to dole that crap out…

I installed my new hard drive yesterday. I was amazed when it all worked the first time around. I moved some shit around today to get all my OSes booting off of the new Ultra2 drive.

Scooter’s party is tonight… After that I am coming home and resting for my trip out to the Adirondacks for the weekend….

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