Tool vs. Green Jello

I was talking with a few people this weekend about how two members of Tool (Maynard James Keenan and Danny Carey) got their start in the band Green Jello. One person was looking for more info, and the other totally didn’t believe me, so here is some backing information for those of you that care:


GS: Didn’t your singer used to be in Green Jello?

J: Yeah, Maynard and Danny Carey were in Green Jello; Maynard did that
high voice on “Three Little Pigs” (sings “not by the hair of my chinny chin
chin” in a high voice). I was working in the motion-picture industry and
helped the Green Jello guys with their costumes. Danny, Maynard, and I all
became friends and met Paul through another friend.

After work last night I headed out to Harvard Square to see a free, in-store performance by Nobukazu Takemura at Other Music. I hadn’t heard of this artist before, but what I heard was pretty good. I met up with some friends there and we went to eat some Indian food after the in-store. I bought a few used CDs and singles in addition to the Tool and Weezer cd’s:

I got a great deal on all of them, but all in all I spent way too much on CDs yesterday… Give me a break though, I have been utterly poor since October. :) For a change I am not leeching money off of my parents, so I needed to celebrate payday somehow.

So far I have given a first listen to the Tool, Weezer, Squarepusher, Matmos discs (I already had a dub of the Coil disc), and I am not disappointed with any of my purchases. I am listening to the Autechre disc now, and so far it seems pretty good.

I went to bed rather early last night, but I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I guess that can be explained. It is raining today, which isn’t that bad, because the air-conditioning is still not working right here at work (although there are some HVAC guys here as I write this), so cool days are appreciated… I am actually working on important stuff at work finally, which is a good thing, although I am still in a little bit over my head as far as catching up to this code base goes. It will take a few days to figure out how this all fits together yet.


I got my copy of the Salival box set from the band Tool. I bought it for the included DVD with all of their videos on it, but it also came with a CD with some rarities on it (but with the advent of MP3s, it is damn hard for a band to truly have rarities any longer; most of these songs have been available for awhile on bootlegs and online).