Beside You in Time

Went out to the Middle East last night to see a screening of the new Nine Inch Nails video release Beside You In Time.  It was gorgeous, but I ended up leaving after just a handful of songs…  The problem was that the Middle East’s downstairs has a really low ceiling, therefore, the screen wasn’t placed that high, therefore, I spent most of my time looking at the backs of heads as opposed to the screen.   The video quality was really good, especially considering they were using a Dell projector, which probably wasn’t tuned as well for video as a nice HDTV set would be.  The sound was amazing, the one big plus for doing the screening at a club as opposed to a theatre.

There was a deal where if you preordered the DVD, you got a lithograph, but I passed on it..  Their preorder prices were way too high ($18 for the DVD, vs. $14 on Amazon), and since I’ll be getting an HDTV in the near future, I’d rather buy one of the HD formats.  Unfortunately, I have no idea which HD format (HD-DVD or Bluray) to support, so I think I’ll just hold off on buying this one until I actually have the gear available.  But once all those questions are answered, there’s no doubt that I’ll be buying this release, it is simply gorgeous.

Marketing Anarchy

People in Boston are freaking out because “mysterious packages with circuit boards” have been found mounted below bridges in Boston.

It turns out, it’s looking more and more like a guerrilla marketing for the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force film:

(from Vanderlin)

And it’s not just Boston, Here’s one in Philly:

(from xjohnpaulx)

I’m not a fan of the show, but this is awesome…  I predict this will be a HUGE to-do, since the bomb squad was deployed all over the city to dismantle and destroy these “IEDs”.

Update: Here’s another closeup of one of the Boston “Devices”: