Man, things are really hitting me hard…. I am no longer a student… Wow…. I was up unti 7am chillin’ in the lounge, talking with a ton of people.. Even though I went to bed at 7, I had difficulty sleeping; I spent a ton of time just thinking about what I am going to miss here.

My parents should be here soon… Then it is time to start packing my shit up…. ugh.


This is a way-cool picture.

I just finished my DataComm 2 final… It wasn’t too bad, but one question had me running around in circles until the last few minutes…. It was lots of math that I had no rememberence of at all… But I eventually figured it all out (thank god for open book/notes exams).

I sold back a bunch of books that I had no use for today, for some play money for the next week or so. I might also need it to feed myself, since I am running low on debit (unless some over-debited soul wants to help a geezer out.. :P).

As this chapter draws to a close for me, I am left feeling very awkward. Each final milestone I reach leaves me feeling excited, relieved, anxious, and empty all at the same time. It is painful to know that the time I spend with my friends here will be it for awhile, but I look forward to spending time with my other friends and family back home. I guess any parting of ways is going to be bittersweet, and I have really been looking forward to this parting for 4 (6?) years now, but it is somehow still coming as a discomforting shock. Last night’s house meeting was particularly awkward and painful….

I will not miss Rochester, I will not miss RIT, I will not even miss CSH as a place. But as a smart man made me realize many years ago, CSH isn’t about the bricks, or about the workrooms. CSH is about the people, the great people, that make it up, both on floor and off. My comfort comes in knowing that the bricks can be taken from me, but the people will be there for some time to come.