Man, things are really hitting me hard…. I am no longer a student… Wow…. I was up unti 7am chillin’ in the lounge, talking with a ton of people.. Even though I went to bed at 7, I had difficulty sleeping; I spent a ton of time just thinking about what I am going to miss here.

My parents should be here soon… Then it is time to start packing my shit up…. ugh.

10 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. and btw, it’ll really start hitting you when you don’t go back for classes in spring, and also when you start working fulltime, and don’t leave after 6 months.


  2. Congratulations

    Congratulations! Your done!

    I can understand totally why you can barely sleep. I wouldn’t either, but I have just stopped one study and started another one, which is part time though.

    Anyway, looking forward to finding out what you do next,


  3. :(

    But but but.. You and jon are the last reaons for me to visit csh! What will become of it with out you guys!

    I don’t know what I will do with out your sarcasm and wit! And the ever present chiding that I’ve grown to love :(

    Heheh, best of luck fucko

    1. Re: :(

      Awww… Geee… Make me feel all important…

      Trust me, my sarcasm and wit may have followed me, but you will still be subjected to it. :)

      Good luck finishing up your last few classes!

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