Open the pod bay doors, HAL

Wow…. Another year gone by… And more importantly, the last day on my “Pop-up Video” Day-by-Day Calendar that My Roommate, Jon Parise gave me last Christmas.

I think I remotely finished up my work on Drink for this break… I made quite a few improvements to it overall, allowing multiple client connections at a time, wrote a dirt-simple logging server so we can keep track of what’s going on, tested the latest beta TINI OS (which is way more stable). I am looking forward to getting back and hooking it up to the machine (but that’s the ONLY thing I am looking forward to back there).

Finished up the First season of the Sopranos last night, and I watched an Interview of the series creator that was on the last disc… It was 1:15h long! It was a pretty good interview though…

Chuck called me this morning, we are going to go get him another DVD or so after he runs some errands… He finally has the ability to play DVDs, and he only has one… He is thinking about Willy Wonka, which I think is a great idea… :P

A whole lotta nuttin….

Well, I didn’t do much today…. I helped my mom out with various stuff, and that’s about it… I waited around for quite awhile tonight for Chuck and John to come over, but I guess they ended up being too busy with their (John’s) Christmas shopping…

Chris had asked me to come over today, but I told her I couldn’t cuz they were coming over, and now I feel dumb. :) I will probably hang out with Chris tomorrow, so we can exchange gifts and stuff…

The Birdcage sucks.

Ok, I like Robin Williams, but that movie blows. My sister, Larissa, and my Mom are currently watching it. Fortunately, life in the dorms have built up my ability to ignore irritations, so…

This break has been great so far… I haven’t done much of anything… Last night I stayed up until about 2:30am hacking on Drink and talking to Chris which was cool. I woke up at 2pm this afternoon (I almost hit 12 hours)… I guess I am catching on all the lost sleep I accrued this past quarter. I found out that I got an ‘A’ in my Operating Systems II course, which is exciting, because our whole team worked our tails off all quarter.

Chuck came over today and we just chilled, and ended up going for a little ride to the Rockaway Mall and Barnes and Noble… Ran into a girl from High School who I hadn’t seen in a few moons…

Bill Kuker hooked me up with his API for the drink hardware today, so I might work on finalizing that work up today. Most of the server is done, but I have simple stubs in the places where I needed to interact with the hardware.

Slowly Recovering

Things are slowly starting to balance out in my life. I still will probably have to widthdraw from Calculus, and I am still very depressed re: that, but so it goes. Chuck visited me this weekend, which was very well-timed on his part. Chuck always does a wonderful job of helping me forget all my worldly troubles and simply making me laugh. Chuck has been my best friend since High School, and I treasure that.

Chuck rides trials, which is a cousin of mountain biking where you hop and ride over all kinds of obstacles. Anyway, Chuck was interested in making a short video of his riding while he was in Rochester. He brought a MiniDV camera, which have restored my faith in videocameras. We probably got down like 45 minutes of footage, which will probably distill into 15-20 minutes once all the bloopers are edited out. He said he was going to continue shooting when he got home too.

Friday night we went to go see “Scary Movie”, which was entertaining. Many of you know that I am a ‘movie guy’, and that I watch alot of horror movies too… This film wasn’t exactly a parody of horror movies in general, instead focusing on “Scream”, “I Know What You Did…”, etc (which were parodies in themselves, to a degree). I guess I enjoyed “Scary Movie”, but a parody of a parody can only go so far.

I also replaced the two blown speakers with a pair of Definitive Technologies satellites, which sound extrodinary. They were much larger (and heavier) than the JBLs that they replaced, but they will also handle the power the Amplifer is tossing out more better. I look forward to settling down a bit so I can really go crazy with my Home Theater setup… :P

Jon (my roommate during the school year) is going to be in Rochester for a one-night limited engagement, this evening. He is up for the Computer Science House orientation party, which I will also be attending tonight. It will be good to see him, but unfortunately he has to go back to NJ tomorrow. He will be coming back later this summer, however, which is cool.

So yeah, while I haven’t yet returned to level, the angle of my life is no longer threatening to dump me off the side. Let’s hope things continue that way.