Chuck is coming over in a minute and we are going to grab some lunch. I just jumped out of the shower, after talking with Chris for a decent clip this morning. (sometimes I don’t know why she puts up with me some days [and vice-verse, of course]). Going to play some pool tonight with Chuck and potentially some other people, as yet undetermined, and we might end up at a diner afterwards to hang out with James

Taking the dog to the vet was a hellish experience yesterday. She is smart enough to know that shots suck. :)

My sister, Aimee, surprised me with some Samoas, which is something someone was unable to accomplish in Rochester. See, New Jersey is a great place… :)

Cabin fever

Last night I started to acknowledge that I was going stir crazy from staying at home doing nothing, so I made a pact with myself to get the hell out of the house. :)

Chuck and I decided to go out and play pool, which was alot of fun. We played 9 ball for about 3 hours, and we were pretty even (although I was ahead by 2 games). Afterwards, we met James and Amy Bauer at the Victoria Diner. That was a fun time as well, even though Victoria’s has slipped from real diner status (no longer open 24h on weekdays).

Today, I have to run some errands, then I have two things planned, and I am not sure which order they are going to occur. I am helping James buy some network equipment for his basement studio. I can’t believe that he has made so many albums and not had his computers networked together….. Especially given how cheap ethernet gear is… After I help him out with that, I am going out with Amy to see her boutique out in Long Valley… She has some space in this larger store and sells antiques and modern stuff as well. I told her that I was going to visit it a long time ago, but my sentence in Rochester had prevented me from doing so. Now that I have been released on good behavior, it is time to keep my promise. :)

Yesterday and beyond

Since I never really mentioned what kept me busy yesterday, here goes nothing:

I took care of all the donation stuff, and headed to Fuddruckers for lunch with Chuck. Afterwards, I came back to the house to chill for awhile, and then went out to Café Soundz in Montclair to pick up some CDs. While I was there I picked up a new pair of boots and the latest Autechre EP (Peel Sessions 2). Bobby (who owns the shop) gave me a great deal on both the boots ($40) and the disc ($10).

James and I then went to the ultra-trendy Café Metro in Denville for dinner. Seems like a really nice place, and the Grilled Chicken with Peanut Sauce I had was really good. It is difficult to get a peanut sauce done right, it usually ends up too salty or too sweet, and they did a good job, so I might end up back there again.

We then came back to my house to watch my copy of Time Bandits on DVD and afterwards I went to bed.

Today I went to the mall with Chuck, had some Chicken Teriaki, and came back and chilled for awhile. Tonight will probably (hopefully?) be a quiet night for me.

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum…

Going to head down to Dover in a little while to drop off some old clothes and books at the Salvation Army. I would normally take my clothes to an Amvets bin, but I don’t believe you can donate books at the bins, so I am just taking it all down to Dover.

Chuck is going to tag along; he has some pants to get rid of as well. We will find something to eat while we are out, and I know it will be good, because I am not in Rochester anymore.


I feel better today than I have in a long, long while…. I am getting very relaxed, and I had a great night’s sleep. Last night I had some pizza from The Grotto, and this afternoon Chuck and I went down to Ledgewood and stopped by my favorite pizza shop here (Enzo’s). Now me and me pappy are going to feast on some sandwiches from Frank’s Pizza… :)

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure just came on Encore, and Dad and I started to watch it, but we decided to throw in the DVD of it instead to enjoy the widescreen and the 5.1 audio…..

Cecil B. DeGraham

I am back in the New Media Lab tonight just playing around with the footage that Chuck and I worked on last weekend. I am hoping to pretty it upa bit, or at least learn Final Cut Pro a bit more. We were thinking of coming back up here a few weeks after the end of the quarter to edit the other reel we have from the summer together with the footage with last week.

All good things must come to an end

Chuck left around PM last night to avoid the impending snowstorm that hit NJ late last night…. He mailed me when he got home around 2:30a to tell me that he started hitting snow around 2…. So at least he didn’t hit too much of it and made it home safely. We had a lot of fun this weekend, going out with Trouble and crew.. Chuck and I edited up the last of the video just before he sailed off; We ended up doing a rush-edit just laying the logged clips down next to each other without much finishing… He has another Mini-DV back in Jersey that he forgot to bring with him, so we will take that footage and combine it with what we saved from this weekends shooting and do a real edit after I return to NJ. DV is a great format, and it was real fun playing with all the DV and 1394 stuff that I never really had an opportunity or knowledge to play with before.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming release of Hannibal. The book was wonderful, and I have since learned, contrary to rumors I had heard previously, that the book’s ending remains mostly intact. The ending of the novel was very powerful, and I was truly disappointed when I heard that they sissified it for general consumption. Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite novels and movies, and I am quite anxious to see the film…..

I love this album. :)


It’s been a really fun weekend so far… Chuck has been here since Friday afternoon, and we have just been hanging out, filming his Trials riding, and going out with my friends up here. Friday night we went to The Old Toad, and last night a bunch of us went out to see the movie Snatch. The movie was good, but the MTV-esque camera/shot work was a little overboard in the first 20 minutes of the movie….

Chuck and I are going to the New Media lab in the art building today to edit the DV footage we have been shooting while he is up here. It should be a fun time as well….

Ok, Let’s Play Pool

Almost time to go off to my Billiards class…. That class is usually relaxing, and I hope it is today as well… I have been getting slowly better at the game, hopefully that will improve as the quarter moves on. This weekend is catching up with me, and I should have really gotten more rest. I am really tired right now, and I still have 2 more classes to go today. :)

I am looking forward to this upcoming visit, since Chuck is going to visit (weather providing). In chem lab I was daydreaming about things to work on for AliveJournal. Last Thursday I spent a decent chunk of time trying to betterify the code I had written for music and moods, and I ran into a brick wall…. I had reverted the code and had just gone with what worked, but I think I am going to give it a second try (I hate letting code beat me.. :P).