A bunch of us went out to see Traffic this evening. It was a good film, but it also had weak points. Ethan and I disagreed over the camera work. He commended it, while I thought it was distracting at times. The story was behaved, sticking fairly close to the ‘happy ending’ you are secretly hoping doesn’t happen.

I am sitting in the BeNews database waiting to authorize an important story, but the other editor is taking his time (which isn’t a bad thing). I am anxious to get it up.. :P

Burning Down the House

Leaving for class in a few minutes, but I figured it was as good a time as any to slam up a journal entry. :)

I got my Prob & Stat exam back today…. 85/100!!!! I am pretty psyched..

Today is a “It’s sucky being Editor-in-Chief of BeNews day”. We had some problems internally, and it has just been a struggle to attempt to “make things better”. Sigh…

Off to DataComm!