Pulling a Jared

I woke up at 3am on Monday morning with pretty severe pain on the right side of my stomach. After some failed attempts at “passing” I quickly came to suspect that while several of the other symptoms were missing (most notably nausea) that it was possible my Appendix needed to go. Some quick research online backed up these suspicions, so I woke up who took me to Mt. Auburn Hospital. A CT Scan provided the definitive proof; My appendix needed to go. I moved from the ER to my room some time around 8-9am, and I turned out not only to get a private room, but one with a beautiful view overlooking the Charles. Corinna took some pictures, I’ll post them when I can.

I moved up to the Surgery wing about 11:30am, and we were waiting around, filling out forms and waiting for the room to be prepped when Corinna excused herself. She took one step back, her eyes rolled back, and she passed out, clocking herself on a nearby desk. The whole place scurried to help her, and the ended up taking her to the ER for observation, ultimately releasing her, with solid lump on her head, before I got back to my room. They removed the appendix laparoscopically, so instead of a big incision they cut three tiny holes which don’t require stitches.

I spent the next 6 or 7 hours in the room recuperating before I decided to go home. The hospital staff said I could stay the night if I wanted, but even with the private room, the hospital isn’t exactly the best place for me to sleep. I was home by 10pm, less than 18 hours after all this had started. I’m home recovering now, I’m pretty sore but it’s not too bad. The staff said I can return to work as soon as I feel up to it, but it might be the rest of the week. Judging from how uncomfortable I am in a sitting position right now, it definitely won’t be for a few days.. Right now I’m just looking forward to taking a shower this evening.

I’ve been in the hospital twice in the nearly 5 years Corinna and I have been together. This doesn’t bode well for her. At least I’m not as goobed out as I was last time. I’m pretty self-sufficient today… I can go to the bathroom on my own and everything. :)