The Movies I Saw in 2015

I saw fewer films in 2015, but it was a rather busy year for me. My final total was 148, which was 11 fewer than 2014. There are some things conspiring that could depress the total in 2016, but we’ll have to wait and see if that ends up happening.

If you are interested in the technical guts of these graphs, look here.

The graphs, as well as the list itself, are behind the jump below…

  • Total # of movies:
  • Total # of features:
  • Total # of shorts:

I saw slightly more movies in a theatre this year than 2014, but it continues to be fewer than a several years ago.

Where I see movies is pretty stable… Though the Boston Common theatre got rolled up into “Other” for the first time. It is just such an unpleasant venue, and on Sunday night the lack of dinner options really make it a stretch for the film club. The advent of reserved seating (which I vastly prefer) at the Regal Fenway promises to make it even more stark in the future.

20-25% repeat viewings seems pretty standard over the past few years, especially given lots of Star Wars this year.

Between all of the Bond and Star Wars I watched this year the numbers for Action and Sci-Fi got goosed… Fewer comedies, perhaps that is something I need to remedy given how stressful I found 2015.

Last year I memorialized the strange “February Spike” of the previous few years, but it is even more dead this year. April peaked even higher than 2014, as always, due to IFFBoston

That’s it for the graphs, below is the raw list of movies. If you hover your mouse over the title of a film you should get a brief review from me in the tooltip. (Titles in italics are repeat viewings.)

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