The Movies I Saw in 2012

As regular readers know, I keep a list of all of the movies I see each year.  For the second year in a row I saw more feature films (160) than I had in the previous year (155), setting a new benchmark.   I’m planning on putting together my “Best Of” list in a few days.  As per my recent policy, I’m basing the list on movies I saw in 2012 (as opposed to waiting until The Oscars).  This means I’m missing some movies that came out in late 2012 (I still haven’t seen Django Unchained for instance).  Oh well…  All of the data porno is after the jump Once again, how I watch film hasn’t really changed over the past few years..  The number of movies I saw in a theatre has increased over the past two years, which is interesting I guess given the increased avenues available.
The percentage of repeat viewings went up by almost 10% this year.  I’m not sure if this is accurate, but I did feel as the year was going on that there were more movies I “needed” to see again right away than in the past.  
And continuing a trend, the percentage of Documentaries I watched decreased (though it still the majority).
Finally, here is the month-by-month tallies of my consumption
I can’t really explain the spike in February this year, and the May drop off is pretty odd given that part of IFFBoston occurred in May this year. Finally, here’s the raw list of what I saw.  As usual, movies in italics are repeat viewings. (Update 20140101: I updated this post to use my new charting system and got tooltip reviews on the list below for free)

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