The Movies I Saw in 2011

As regular readers know, I keep a list of all of the movies I see each year.  I saw more movies this year (160) than each of the past two (147)..  I did include a handful of shorts on the list this year, though.  This was also the first year I kept track of the date on which I saw each movie, which will allow me to see trends in years moving forward. My “Best of 2011” list will hopefully be done in the next few days.  Unlike the past few years, I’ve decided to do the list now instead of waiting until the Oscars.  I found waiting to actually be more stressful, for some reason.  Anyway, all the gory details are after the jump… The formats in which I consume movies hasn’t changed drastically from last year..  Some more movies in the theater, some fewer movies on disc.
I watched more movies for the first time this year (83%) vs last year (80%)
And while documentaries continue to be a favorite of mine, they took more of a back seat to other genres this year
Finally, here is the month-by-month tallies of my consumption
You can see a big jump in April..  It is no coincidence that the 2011 Independent Film Festival of Boston straddled these months. Enough data porn, here’s the list.  As usual, movies in Italics are repeat viewings.

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