Labeling Insanity in the Fenway Bleachers

The way rows are labeled at Fenway Park makes no sense.  Every game I attend in the bleachers, the first few innings are constantly interrupted by people who either mis-read the row number when they sat down and now need to move when the proper occupants arrive, or by people who think they are working their way down to their seat and find people sitting in them, only to find that they are in the wrong row.

This is always caused by the way the rows are labeled.  Look at the picture below.  As you can see, the side of the chair on the aisle is labeled “13”, but when people see the other “13” on the step riser, which is far more visible as you are walking up the aisle, they assume that the “13” refers to the level above it.


A much better way to label the rows is below:


As you can see, it is very clear which row is which.  This would eliminate so much confusion and reduce the number of interruptions for bleacher fans.  Please fix this.


2 thoughts on “Labeling Insanity in the Fenway Bleachers

  1. Yes, but painting them on the high-traffic area of the concrete means they’ll need to be painted more often to stay visible.

    1. Of course. But it is worth it from my opinion. It will make the experience so much better for attendees and make life for Ushers much easier, as they won’t have to resolve these situations, sometimes 20 people deep into a row.

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