My Movies of 2010

Here’s the list of movies I saw in 2010…  I saw 147 movies this year, exactly as many as the year before.  As I have done the past few years, my “Best of 2010” list will probably come closer to the Academy Awards, so I have the opportunity to see some of the well-regarded films of the year that I missed. As I mentioned last year, in 2010 I gathered more data about the movies I see.  I also decided to no longer split up the list between “Theater” and “Home”, as the distinction doesn’t mean much to me anymore.  I did, however, gather statistics about how I watched a film, which you can view after the split:
While we are talking statistics, 80% of the movies I saw in 2010 I was watching for the first time:
And documentaries are clearly a favorite of mine:
So without further ado, here is the full list. The list is in the order I viewed them, and I italicized any films I had already seen.

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      1. I can’t really stand databases, so I just used a Google Spreadsheet. I used Apple’s Numbers spreadsheet to create the graphs (because it created better looking graphs than Google Docs).

          1. In general or for tracking movies? I don’t think I’d do one for tracking movies, I don’t think many other people are as obsessive as me in tracking their movies. :)

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