grahams’ completely normal radio programme goes public!

For a bit more than 2 years I’ve been doing a mostly-weekly streaming internet radio show called “grahams’ completely normal radio programme“.  Since I kept it private amongst a small group of friends, while you may have heard me mention it on occasion, you most likely haven’t listened to it.  Starting this Monday at 10pm EDT, I’m taking the show public (and legit).  You can find the details to tune in over at (which will redirect you to LoudCity).

The format is a commercial-free mish-mash of music I’m into, which crosses quite a few genres.  I’m live on mic, and have been known to have guests in-studio or over Skype.  I try to briefly review movies I have seen with the film club. I have real equipment. I have run contests. I have world premiered music. I usually manage to keep technical screw-ups to a minimum.  I even have a terrible auto-tuned theme song that will get stuck in your head.

As you may be thinking, having all of this going on for an audience of fewer than a dozen people started to seem a little ludicrous.  So I decided to figure out a way to conform to the complicated streaming royalty system, and ultimately settled on using the LoudCity platform so I didn’t have to do any hard work.  The only catch is that in order to be covered under their royalty agreements, I need to have all of the links to the stream hosted on their domain.  Which is why the above link will redirect you from to their site.

Obviously the programme’s web presence is limited right now.  I’ve been mulling this decision for a few months but the decision to actually pull the trigger and get it done happened while floating on the Party Barge Regency Edition this weekend.  In addition to the (currently) terrible webpage, you can follow the show on Twitter at @radioprogramme.

The people who have been listening for the past few years have told me it’s a good show.  I hope you’ll think so too.  Tune in one of these upcoming Mondays and let me know what you think.  At a minimum you’ll be able to make fun of me for such a colossal waste of time.

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