My latest contribution to Red Sox Nation

Map of the streets surrounding Fenway Park, in which Yawkey Way and Jersey Streets are MislabelledI was using Google Maps the other day when I noticed something strange. Yawkey Way was mislabeled. It is my understanding (as it was before my time living in Boston) that Jersey Street used to run from Boylston Street to Brookline Avenue, past Fenway Park. In 1976, the stretch of Jersey that ran along Fenway Park (between Van Ness Street and Brookline Avenue) was renamed Yawkey Way, in honor of former club owner Tom Yawkey. But in the Google Map, these two streets are flipped over Van Ness, as seen in the photo here. I contacted GoogleMaps with this problem. This morning they let me know that I was correct and that the map will be corrected within a month. I’ll post again when the fix is made.

Now if only Google could go back and correct Tom Yawkey

Update: Google has corrected this issue.

7 thoughts on “My latest contribution to Red Sox Nation

    1. Actually, none. My note to them was:

      “I believe that Yawkey way runs from Van Ness street to Brookline avenue. On the other side of Van Ness the street is named Jersey. They seem to be flipped in Google Maps.”

      They apparently researched it and replied:

      “Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We’ll update the map within a month and email you when you can see the change.”

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