Bizarre Dream

Last night, I dreamed that I had lost/stolen my MacBook Air.  In the dream (as in real life), I knew I had good backups, so I was less upset about the loss as I was about the cost of replacing it.  Continuing this uniquely rational dream logic, I decided that I needed a larger salary to be able to afford to replace it.  I instantly found myself in the lobby of my former employer, Goodrich Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems.  I told the guard in the SRS lobby that I was here to see my old boss, who wasn’t expecting me.  I told the guard to tell Brian that I was looking for a job, so he’d obviously want to talk to me immediately.

At this point, Sue, who is in charge of HR at my current company, met me in the lobby;  she was apparently working at SRS in this dream.  She began to show me around the building, which was odd, because I had worked there for 2.5 years.  Of course, the building looked completely different, and we came upon this large room with glass walls which looked more like one of the GCCIS labs at RIT.  It was here where I ran into an old friend from High School, Doug Palermo.  I haven’t seen Doug in ~14 years, and while I did buy his aforelinked book, I haven’t read it yet.  In the dream, I asked Doug if he was working for SRS, and he replied no, he was just visiting.

Finally, I ran into an former coworker, Ed, who I chatted with for a few minutes before waking up.  What amused me most about the dream was, once I first appeared in the SRS lobby, how strongly I rejected the notion of going back to work there.  Before I had even talked to the guard I had decided there was no way I was going to come back and work there, but figured I’d play along so I could see some old friends.  I wasn’t banking on seeing old friends from High School…

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