Daily twitter profundity

  • 09:00 Had 3 serpentine belts replaced on hawkeye and realized I was 30k overdue to replace the timing belt. Having that done today + water pump. #
  • 23:11 Went to get Fallout 3 today, Best Buy asked for my ID so I told them no and went to Gamestop instead. I don’t get carded for film or liquor #
  • 23:17 Of course, I got home and the sinlaws had arrived a few hours early so no Fallout 3 for me anyway! #

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4 thoughts on “Daily twitter profundity

    1. It’s some stupid Best Buy corporate policy.. The point of sale prompts the register monkey for a date of birth.

      It’s fine if they want to make that their corporate policy, but I won’t be buying any games there…

      Like I said, I’ve never been carded going to see a movie, and very, very rarely carded for booze.

  1. Amazon release day delivery, ftw. Had a chance to play it? It’s odd to see how’s it’s changed since I left. Happy that they left me in the credits.

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