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    1. Re: want want want

      Will do. It hit the grill a little after 6am.. Optimistically it will be done at 8pm. It’s possible it could take another hour or two though… It is a 10lb monster. :)

      I’ll just be hanging out in and around the house all day, feel free to come over whenever. I only have those hoagie rolls leftover from yesterday to eat them on, so if they aren’t your cup of tea, bring some rolls.

      Also, know that is still recovering from the plague…

    1. Actually, the grill seems to be doing the trick very well. My instructor taught me a technique of using a 4-burner grill.. You use the leftmost burner set to low and put the food all the way on the opposite side of the grill. If the grill still burns too hot you can use the valve on the gas tank to throttle it down even more.

      But if I get really serious, you can be sure I’ll consider something like you recommended or the Weber Bullet… I just don’t like unitaskers. :)

      1. Well you’ve got issues if you’re putting that in your kitchen :P

        It’s not a unitasker! It can smoke meat, dehydrate things and even make beef jerky! That’s at least 1.5.. things.

        Hell, you could even use it to trap raccoons.

        1. I avoid unitaskers in the kitchen as well as in the back yard… :P

          In reality, though, jerky and dehydrated whatever is all great, but I never crave it like I crave pulled pork and ribs. ribs might be the thing that get me to consider an alternate cooker, as it’d be hard to get enough ribs into my grill and still cook them indirectly…

          We *DO* have a bit of a raccoon problem here… They attack my neighbors grape vines… He’s actually mostly OK with them eating the grapes… It’s the gross sticky pits-welded-to-the-patio residue they leave below..

          1. I thought it was a bit of overkill too until he was able to smoke 2 racks of ribs and a brisket all at once.

            15 hours later, it was melt in your mouth delish. Even w/o a pinvalve on his propane tank he can keep the temp steady below 200F in there, it’s pretty sweet.

            However the thermometer on the outside is useless, you really need one of those remote ones so you don’t even have to go outside to know when you’re meeting your temperature goals.

            1. I have the remote thermometer deal going.. It was clutch this morning when I woke up at 6am to start this process, but now it’s nice out and I’m just sitting out on the deck anyway, so it’s less important.

              The thing that would probably draw me to a real smoker if I ended up doing this often would be being able to set it up and just leave it alone. I had to swap in new foil pouches of wood a few times… Having a real wood tray would be nice.

              1. The capacity is the biggest selling point to me, the damn bbq is so good that like 10 of us mowed through an 8lb brisket in like 10 minutes. When it takes 10+ hours to make more, you want to be prepared!

                1. lol… This pork butt is about 10lbs (before I trimmed some of the surface fat). I am keeping this smoke low-key until I determine whether or not I’ve screwed it up, so it probably won’t go so fast.. But I can totally see how a big party could go through alot of pig quickly.

                  I’ve been told that it freezes well if you vacuum pack it, but I’m not sure it will come to that. :)

                    1. The other problem is that isn’t really into barbeque (or meat in general), so it’s possible that there may at least be leftovers today… :)

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