Medicine is amazing

Last night at 8pm I was able to remove my bandages and finally take a shower. The whole Laparoscopy thing is amazing, there are just three tiny incisions, one in my belly button and two others in the same vicinity. The incisions are so small that they didn’t even require stitches, and are just taped up with this breathable tape which stays on just long enough…

I still feel like I’ve been shot in the gut, but today is better than yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Medicine is amazing

  1. That’s great! Before laparoscopy you would have been in bed six weeks with an emergency appendectomy.

    Still, take it easy and don’t overdo it.

    1. Yes, my dad has no belly button as a result of his emergency appendectomy! (More information that you need about my dad, to be sure.) Hurray for the laparoscope.

  2. Glad to hear the recovery is going well

    I’m assuming your action in getting your butt into the hospital quickly also helped out a lot catching it before it ruptured. I’ve had friends who have had an infected appendix rupture requiring massive invasive surgery to clean out the infectious “stuff” from their gut followed by crippling regimes of the most powerful antibiotics available.

    mend well.

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