Attn: Arsenal on the Charles

Parking has become a pretty crazy problem here at the Arsenal. Nobody seems to know whether the problem is increased load from the tenants, or from outside pressure (people using the FREE garage then taking the 70 bus to Central, etc), but it is now not uncommon to be unable to find any parking in the complex if you arrive late.

Today, the Arsenal had security officers with clipboards posted at all the garage entrances, making people roll down their windows, asking them “We want to make sure the people using the garage work in the arsenal”, and then waving them through. What, exactly, does this accomplish? Why would it be so hard to distribute parking passes to all the tenants? It can’t be that expensive to print up a few hundred hang tags for employee cars… Instead, you have this security crew assigned to create traffic and test peoples ability to lie. I wasn’t even asked what company I worked for, I was just told “We want to make sure the people parking here work here”. This would be much more frustrating if I didn’t walk or take the bus on most days…

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