and I headed over to the Orpheum to see Ween last night..  Neither of us had ever caught the band live before despite listening to them for years, and it was totally awesome.  They rocked out for 2+ hours, no opener, to a packed house..  The Orpheum is a lousy venue, but they made the best of it…  The crowd was totally eating up the show, and the band rewarded them with a good mix of new stuff as well as classics…   I would have loved the nostalgic “Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese”, but you can’t always get what you want… :)

4 thoughts on “Ween!

  1. DAMMIT!

    If I had just remembered to put two and two together! I knew they were coming and I was bummed because Bill doesn’t live anywhere near me to go see them again (we caught them in Rochester over the summer) so I didn’t think I’d have anyone to go with.

    Why am I so not smart?!? Of course, that is making the pretty big jump to the conclusion that you would’ve let me tag along with you folk…

    1. While I am never around when you are in town, I’m not INTENTIONALLY avoiding you guys.. I just happen to go home for the holidays too.. :)

      We will be having a little soiree for New Year’s Eve, if you guys are around…

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