My life over the past two days has been consumed with Portal and watching baseball.  Portal is the bomb.  I walk to work now and think about how it would be awesome to shoot a portal there and there…  I even had portal dreams last night;  It has reached the Tetris level of puzzle greatness where it consumes most of my thoughts during the day.  I haven’t even played Half-Life: Episode Two yet.

The Sox game last night was awesome, Hopefully they’ll keep up the good work and win through game 7.  Our new couch is apparently being delivered tonight, which will hopefully increase guest comfort.

7 thoughts on “Portal

  1. I liked Portal also. I haven’t played any of the bonus levels yet but I hope to once I can find the time.

    Also, TF2 is really fun in small doses.

  2. Stosh just got this yesterday, and as per usual, he is all consumed by it. He seems to think it is fantastic. You two can play together if you come home for turkey day!

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