tagged me, so you are subjected to: TEN THINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY MAKING ME HAPPY!!!!!111!1  (in no particular order)

  1. I don’t want to sound like a queer or nuthin’, but i think [info]coco_b is kick-ass.
  2. The Boston Red Sox.  I had managed to avoid the professional sports insanity in Boston for several years, but the past few years I’ve been to Fenway a few times and have been paying more and more attention to baseball..  The 46″ HDTV we bought a few months ago definitely sealed the deal.   But football still sucks.  :)
  3. Our new house kicks ass.  It’s now fun to have people over, and people seem to actually enjoy it, unlike our old place, which was tough to get to, tough to park around, and tiny as hell.
  4. I’m still riding the post-Spain trip wave, and can’t wait for our next trip abroad.
  5. The weather is finally getting comfortable…
  6. Walking two miles each way to a job I actually enjoy every day.
  7. BookMooch – I have had an account here for a long while now, but never really bothered to do anything with it.  In unpacking my books, I found a ton that, aside from nostalgia, just didn’t make any sense to keep anymore (tons of BeOS books, for instance).  I had been bringing these books to the “Send these to China” bin at the supermarket, but then I remembered BookMooch..  I put up 10 books last night and 2 of them were claimed within an hour, and have already been sent out. 
  8. Halloween is approaching, which means the annual Halloween Party in Ithaca is also approaching..  This is the one chance a year I get to see some of these friends, so it’s always a special event for me…
  9. Going to the David Byrne/Geoffrey Miller lecture at the ICA tomorrow.  I mean, it’s nowhere near as awesome as it would be seeing Talking Heads, but it’s likely as close as I’ll ever get.
  10. Dexter.  It’s quickly turning into my second favorite show.

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