Go-go Gadget Gosim

I got a prepaid Orange SIM card from GO-SIM today, after some panic it wouldn’t come before our trip to Spain.  The big question was whether or not the unlock trick I found online for my phone would work, and as far as I can tell, it has.  I guess the jury will remain out until I am on Spanish soil and the phone is working..  This trick seems pretty far-out, I wonder if this is an intentional back-door placed (and leaked) by the engineers or a exploited bug…   And if it’s a bug, who is the person who spent the time finding it?

One thought on “Go-go Gadget Gosim

  1. Yeah, and I are going to the wedding of an old coworker and friend of mine from the startup days, .. He lives in Barcelona now and is getting married in Pamplona on Saturday. We are flying out there Thursday evening, arriving Friday morning, staying in Pamplona until Tuesday morning and then we are spending the next few days driving around Basque country and possibly southern France before returning to Pamplona on Saturday and returning to Boston the next day…

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