Various Weekend Bits

and I spent most of the weekend hanging out around the house and plowing through the massive unpacking chores ahead of us..  Corinna finally had the opportunity to get the bedroom mostly in order, so the boxes of clothes are mostly gone and things are starting to find their “right place”.  I continued to sort through my stuff, trying to pare down stuff…  I’ve come across even more stuff to give away.. 

Eventually I’ll post a master list of stuff, but if you have the need for a Netgear 8-port 10/100 switch or a SMC 8-port 10/100 wired NAT firewall/router, or a PS1 without any cables or controllers, which I believe still works, but I haven’t touched it in years…  let me know. 

I ordered my TV, it’d be awesome if it came before the weekend, but I doubt that will happen…

9 thoughts on “Various Weekend Bits

    1. Nice to hear… I’ve been shopping for quite awhile and it seemed like the best balance of price/performance while still doing 1080p.

      Now it just needs to arrive. I have a Tivo full to the brim with HD content waiting for something to display it. =)

  1. That is a nice TV. I ended up with a 50″ Pioneer Plasma based on viewing quality but backed off on 1080p because of the huge price differential. It was also my belief that 50″ was too big for our apartment, but will fit nicely in a living room when we get a house. You made a good decision on the 46″ set vs. 42″.

    As for content, who is your provider? We have Comcast here in Princeton and Verizon rolled FiOS into our apartment. Comcast’s HD lineup is pretty limited still.

    1. I’m not a fan of Plasma, I don’t like the “motion” in the image, it drives me crazy…

      We have RCN, which has a good HD line-up… Fios is available in all the town surrounding mine, but not Watertown yet… :(

      1. That’s what is amazing to me. I find the LCD monitors, like the Sony Bravia and even the Aquos line difficult to stare at. It actually hurts my eyes to watch TV on those monitors because it felt like I was straining to watch. When I went to the plasmas, I felt relaxed like I was watching TV and not trying to watch TV.

        Everyone has different experiences. If Canon and Toshiba didn’t have so much trouble with the patents for the SED technology this year would have had a really cool selection of TVs. It’s up to OLED now.

        1. It’s up to OLED now.

          I actually disagree… I think current TV’s are great, and I’m not “waiting” for any new technology…

          1. Well, I wasn’t trying to insinuate that today’s TVs blow. I like them too. It’s the 100k:1 contrast ratios that is the next leap that SED and OLED promise. I think I saw something about magnetically coupled lasers recently too. TVs with frickin “laser” beams :)

    2. And the 42″ was never really an option… =) I figure this is the last TV I’ll buy for quite a while, and since I bought it to watch film, I might as well get as close to the theatre experience as possible..

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