Dear Hillary

Dear Hillary,

I don’t like you, I feel like you aren’t honest, I feel like you are way to driven by polls as opposed to convictions.  But Celine Dion?  Talk about pushing me away….  She not only sucks, she’s Canadian!?!?!


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  1. Now as opposed to debating issues we’re picking a president based on the nationality of the singer of the campaign’s theme song; that’s really pathetic. The sad fact is ALL the candidates are driven by polls. They pick a party based on convictions on one or two polarizing issues (abortion) and the rest is about raising absurd amounts of money for the next election. Biden said it well in one of the debates, you want something different, vote for public campaign financing. Al Franken has some funny videos up about how much time he spends raising money for his Senate campaign. -H

      1. Well you said you didn’t think she was honest and she’s poll driven. I said they’re all poll driven because they have to raise absurd amounts of money. As I reread my post, my pathetic comment was unclear. It wasn’t directed at you as much as the state of our elections. I heard the same thing on various “news” programs throughout the day. I hate Celine Dion’s music too, but this won’t influence my vote in the slightest way.

        Scott Adams has an interesting post about how a Bloomberg candidacy could bring back some sanity to the process. I have my doubts but also some hopes. -H

        1. I hate Celine Dion’s music too, but this won’t influence my vote in the slightest way.

          I was being silly when I said that she was “pushing me away” by picking that song… While it’s true that the song certainly isn’t marketing to me in a positive way, it really isn’t affecting my opinion of her. To be honest, this whole “campaign song” nonsense is all profoundly lame.

          I’d rather she not be the nominee (but to be honest, I’m not so sure who I actually WOULD want to be the nominee from the current pool)…. But I could definitely vote for her, she’s not pure evil…

          And I know all politicians are affected directly by polls, but she seems to me to ONLY have those polls to stand on… She doesn’t come across as having ANY real convictions, instead coming off as a product of careful politicking and marketing. I’m sure this opinion is unfounded, but she has yet to prove otherwise to me.

    1. I’m going to go with Sean using a comical highlight to paraphrase why he doesn’t like Hillary. I’m guessing his major reason stems from her inconsistencies; She’s too wishy-washy, not sticking to her guns while portraying the popular opinion and not her opinion. Besides, have you ever heard her with her “Southern accent” when she speaks down South?

  2. Oh we all know women are not capable of being president anyway =)

    Oh, and nothing makes me more mad than that idiot who blasts Celine Dion singing god bless America on his boat during the fireworks on the lake every year. Partially because of my hatred for Celine Dion, but mostly because she is Canadian.

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