10 thoughts on “Little Friend on the Charles River

    1. Yeah, when I walked up to him (?) I thought he might be a toy, then he retracted his head… His shell was about 1 foot long, so he’s one of the bigger turtles I’ve seen, and probably the only turtle I’ve seen in the seven years I’ve lived in the Boston area. It’s nice being a bit closer to nature..

      I am a little worried that someone on a bike might be going down the path too quickly and not be able to avoid him, he was kind of in a obscured spot around a bend..

      And yes, it was awesome.. =)

  1. From the claws, I’d say he might be a snapper.

    Do you live near Watertown? I live there. I once saw a similarly-sized turtle crossing the road from the MDC pool area to God only knows where. Traffic had stopped, but once five or six cars had backed up along the road, the lead driver got out, picked him up, and carried him the rest of the way, to much applause from the rest of us.


    1. Yeah, I just moved to Watertown from Brighton this month… We bought a place about 3/4mi from Watertown Square off Main St.

      Interestingly enough, this was right between the pool (the one off Pleasant) and the river, in the little dirt side-branch of the path which goes around the pool..

  2. Well, welcome to The City Known As The Town Of Watertown! That’s actually the official name, I believe :-)

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